2023 State of the API Report

Postman, Inc. (2023)

For the fifth year, the State of the API is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey and report on APIs. More than 40,000 developers and API professionals have shared their thoughts on development priorities, their API tools, and where they see APIs going.

Our survey-takers range from CEOs and customer success managers to full-stack developers. Some work at small startups, others at companies with over 5,000 developers. They come from financial services, technology, healthcare, and other sectors. What unites them is their interest in APIs as the building blocks of modern software.

We’ve expanded this year’s report to cover API monetization and generative AI. Until now, developers have primarily designed APIs for apps used by humans. Going forward, designing APIs for machines will become increasingly important as AI becomes more embedded in software interfaces.

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5. Feb 2024

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