Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence? Impact on our lives, rights and ethics

Fabio De Felicea, Antonella Petrillob, Cristina De Lucab, Ilaria Baffoc (2022)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a highly topical issue that opens up opportunities still largely unexplored, but also many economic, ethical and social issues. Questions about AI are many. What does AI include? What are the technologies that support it? What are the applications that are already possible today future? These are the questions we seek to address in the present paper by exploring the main academic sources and reference. Thus, through this research we would like to guide the reader to understand the phenomenon, with an indication of its areas applicability, future developments and questions in the economic, social and ethical sphere that it raises. The manuscript provides a global view of the issue from an international point of view.

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14. Jun 2022

Kategorie: White Paper