DevOps Point of View – An Enterprise Architecture perspective

Deloitte (2021)

In the current world of IT and the development of IT-related products or services, companies from enterprise level to smaller sizes are starting to use the DevOps processes and methods as a part of their day-to-day organization process.

The goal is to reduce the time involved in all the software development phases, to achieve greater application stability and faster development cycles.

However not only on the technical side of the organization is DevOps changing the playing field, also an organizational change that involves merging development and operations teams is required with an hint of cultural changes. And last but not least the skillset of all people involved is changing.

This point of view aims to create awareness around the transformation towards the DevOps way of working, to help gain understanding what DevOps is, why you need it and what is needed to implement DevOps.

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27. Okt 2021

Kategorie: Best Practice