Healthcare Organizations and Enterprise Architecture – A Case Study in Canada

Samuel Fogang Tallé, Onyeka Ofili Uche (March 2021)

The paper focuses on exploring the perceptions of stakeholders (medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, IT staff and other employees) in healthcare organizations in Canada on how they developed Enterprise Architecture (EA) to improve managerial decision making and align business activities and Information Technology (IT). Both quantitative and qualitative methods were adopted for this research. A total of 120 questionnaires were sent out but only 72 responses were received. Participants included industry professionals involved in implementing information systems (IS) within healthcare organizations. Data was collected physically and through emails. Also 3 subject matter experts (experts) were interviewed for the study. These experts each have over ten years’ experience in EA practice and are doctorate degree holders (PhDs). The results of the study showed that stakeholders see the potential for EA to be a tool for planning IT/IS projects, breaking down organizational silos, creating digital transformation, and proactively responding to disruptive forces. They do not see EA as the necessary tool for integrating IT solutions.

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28. Apr 2021

Kategorie: White Paper