How Scaling Technologies Challenge Digital Architecture

Capgemini (2022)

Digital Architecture Study 2022

Our Digital Architecture Study 2022 explores in which ways the enterprise architecture is changing within ongoing digitalization and is affected by the rise of new technologies. Therefore, we answer the following four key questions:

1. How is the role of Enterprise Architecture Management perceived within organizations today?

2. What trends are recognizable in organizations regarding Enterprise Architecture Management?

3. How are scaling technologies of 2021/22 like Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, 5G & Edge Computing as well as Digital Business Platforms challenging the enterprise architecture of companies?

4. How can enterprise architecture structures be scaled quickly and efficiently to guide the digital transformation of companies and which architecture capabilities are needed in this regard?

Our questionnaire of 46 questions was developed by and provided to business and IT experts as well as managing enterprise architects.

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21. Feb 2022

Kategorie: Best Practice