The Impact of Business Intelligence in the Era of Big Data on Business Data Analysis

Du Yu (2022)

With the development of information technology, business intelligence (BI), and data technology, data is not only a technology that can store a large amount of data, but also a process of processing and analyzing data. A correct understanding of the advantages of business intelligence data and business data analysis technology is conducive to the planned adjustment of enterprises, so as to achieve the goal of effective production. Through literature analysis, this paper analyzes the basic contents, research tools and characteristics of business intelligence and business data analysis, and then compares the data analysis with it. This paper finds that business intelligence and business data analysis can effectively analyze “what happened in the past, what will happen in the future, and how to handle the next best business strategy”; while business intelligence shows “what happened in the past, what will happen in the future, and what the past handling strategy was”. The effective combination of the two is a key factor to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, which provides enterprises with a tool to integrate information technology and implement efficient and automated decision-making.

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6. Nov 2022

Kategorie: White Paper