Top 41 Data Management Tools in 2021: In-Depth Guide

Cem Dilmegani (2021)

While media debates whether data is the new oil or not, one thing is clear: Like oil, data needs a lot of processing. From Facebook to growing startups, any successful organization that handles a growing volume of data, must be able to organize, access, secure and process data to convert it into insights and decisions.

There are many tools and vendors to consider, particularly in terms of the needs of the business and the task at hand. However, regardless of the task, the goal is to ultimately find a data management product to make data as useful as possible while minimizing cost, risk, and resource consumption.

This is a list of data management software, however, it is not comprehensive. We prepared a regularly updated, comprehensive sortable/filterable list of leading vendors in data management software, feel free to check it out.

27. Jan 2021

Kategorie: Best Practice